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Purchase Photos from GCHS Collection
Purchase photographic prints of any picture featured on this web site, or of any photo in the Gladwin County Historical Society collection that has a collection number in the form of GCHS-200x-xxxx or BCC-200x-xxx (e.g. GCHS-2002-0079 or BCC-2002-349.)  The prints are high resolution (much higher image quality than those posted on the web site) and fully identified with all information we have about the photo, including source, subject, dates and identifications of people.
All funds raised by the sale of prints will support he Gladwin County Historical Society's effort to archive, catalog and restore the entire collection, as well as provide protection for the original prints.  No company or individual derives ANY profit.
The prints provided to you are actual photographs, not just inkjet prints done on a home computer.  The difference is tremendous.  For one thing, photos can last more than 100 years, inkjet copies certainly cannot.  Regardless what the manufacturers may say, humidity causes the inks to constantly migrate, blur and fade.  In addition, the image quality of the photograph is markedly better than the best inkjet images.  Also, all photos available under this program have been professionally restored and enhanced, and the restored image is copyrighted; unauthorized copying is illegal.

Other photos in the GCHS collection are also available as partially restored or unrestored photographic prints. Scanning must be done only by authorized GCHS personnel.

Minimum Suggested Donations:

GCHS Members
8x10 Professional Print
4x6 "Snapshot" type print
Of course the GCHS appreciates any additional donations - they may be tax deductible.
The photo lab that processes our prints normally charges considerably more for an 8x10 print, but has agreed to charge the GCHS at a bulk rate if we do all the image processing and submit in bulk quantities.  They print them as time and space permit.  This means delivery time can vary; you can usually expect prints to be available within 4 weeks.  For faster service prices are doubled.

Ordering Instructions:

To order prints, please record the catalog number, size, and quantity desired then contact Bob Frei most evenings after 6:30 at (989) 435-3598 or by email:

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