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Michael Timreck

A Tribute to Our Son,

Michael Timreck

By Myrna Sommerfield Timreck

   Our dear son, I am so humble and grateful God saw fit to loan you for 57 years to your father and me. We became a family of three.

   How happy we were, friends in the community knocked on the door and brought gifts by the score. Others loaned us a high chair and carriage robes, until we could acquire those of our own. Oh! Son, what a joy you were. I held you like a china doll.

   On the way home from picking you up from the adoption agency, we stopped in Freeland for dinner. When I returned to our table from the restroom, Daddy noticed a damp spot about the size of a dime on my left breast of my gray suit and said, with his mischievous smile, "Congratulations, you look just like any other lactating Mom."

   And this was your favorite bedtime story. We would say, "Mommy and Daddy wanted a little son so badly, but God had other plans for them. Then came a call to Daddy from the city—there was a little boy for adoption. “Michael, who was that little boy?" You would throw your arms around my shoulders and say, "ME Mommy!! Oh, Mommy, ME!!" We would say, "Michael, do you know the definition of adoption?" And you would say, "Oh, yes Mommy! I am special! You chose me!"

   One Sunday morning, when Daddy was in the bathtub at that beautiful cut-stone house we called ‘The Markle House’, he called for me to take you to him, and said with a big smile, "Myrna darling, I won’t contaminate him, I promise!" That was a new chapter in your life—you had graduated to baths in the bathtub!

   How fortunate we were to have my husband and your wonderful father. Since I had only taken care of my sister’s newborn, Daddy showed me how to take care of you. Mike, you were the most precious birthday gift I ever received, or ever will receive. We are so proud of you.

   I know where you are… And what a joyous celebration it must have been, with your father and all your friends.

   I know God only loaned you to us, for how long we could not know. The Lord had other plans. He said, "Mike, come with me, your work on earth is through, I have other plans for you. You then grasped God’s gentle hand and left for the Promised Land…

   The day will come when we too will reach that glorious place and you will be there with eternal love upon your face. You are now another brilliant star in the black velvet night sky. So, Mike, my dear son, I say— "Til we meet again…" – Mom.

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Gladwin County Record, Gladwin, MI
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September 2009
Bob Frei
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