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Obadiah B. Smith



  Obadiah B. Smith, a long time resident of Gladwin, civil war veteran 90 years old, while riding on M-30 with his son-in-law, John Fick, who was driving, about 6 p.m., on the return trip from Bay City, was the victim of an auto accident, which in all probability will prove fatal.

  The car, which was a Ford, was said to be moving at a rate of 70 miles an hour. It was keeping the road with uncertainty, and near Earl Shumway's place in Buckeye it suddenly left the highway and turned over in an eight-foot ditch. The car was badly injured, Fick little hurt and Mr. Smith rendered unconscious. Dr. Coulter was called and found the injured man hurt internally and with many external bumps and injuries. Mr. Smith has been unconscious since the accident, with no hope of survival.

  Upon reaching the residence Fick, crazed with poor whiskey, caused some trouble, and Sheriff Paxton was called, and found him with three quart bottles of whiskey in his possession, which was taken before Justice Straley, charged with driving while intoxicated, and fined $60 and given 10 days in jail, which he is serving, and his driver's license revoked for six months.

  Mr. Smith, on the 10th day of October next, would be 90 years of age. He served in the war five years, three months and 13 days and had the papers and discharges showing his enlistment and honorable dismissal from service. He enlisted from Dewitt in Clinton county and came back to it when he was discharged. He saw service in most of the confederate states, was in 13 battles, marched with Sherman to the sea, and in the service of his country had many experiences of a trying and strenuous kind.

  Shortly before enlisting he was employed on a farm at $6 per month. This assured the writer, was very good wages. His discharge papers described him as five feet 10 inches in height, weighing 170 pounds.

  Mr. Smith came to Gladwin county in the 70's, before its organization. He was here when its first officers were elected and he mentioned with interest all of the first officers elected, including Sheriff Ells, Simmons and Parker. In the early days he drove team for Busch and Lane.

  He had seen more than 50 years of life in Gladwin county. From a wilderness of forest he had seen Gladwin county grow and develop. He had keen interest in political affairs and discussed doings of the day politics.

  He was one of the few G.A.R. men to remain to draw a pension of $100 per month, and at the time this pension was allowed a letter from the department stated that he was 166 in this class.

  Later Mr. Smith died at 2 a.m. today.

{Note: Actual Recorded Date of Death is: unk. Name: Obadiah B. Smith}
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