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David Shell

Snowmobiler Killed in Crash Early Saturday.

   An 18-year-old Gladwin youth became Gladwin County's first traffic fatality of the new year early Saturday morning when the snowmobile her was driving collided with a pickup truck.

   Gladwin Sheriff's officers identified the victom as 18-year-old David M.Shell, of Gladwin.

   The mishap occurred about 2:15am on Southwell Road in Gladwin Township. Shell was rushed to the Gladwin Area Hospital where was pronounced dead on arrival. Country Coroner Donald Hall Said the youth died from a fractured skull.

   Officers said the mishap occurred as Shell was traveling west on Southwell Road and stuck the pickup almost directly in the middle of the front end. Force of the crash moved the pickup back about 10 inches, they said, and threw Shell's body 24 feet backward to the road.

   Walter M. Kline, 20, of Gladwin, driver of the truck, told deputies that he had been parked on the road for less that five minutes and had his headlights on. With Kline in the pickup was Becky Klein, 18, also of Gladwin. They did not see Shell until he was about 20 feet in front of them, officers said.

   Following the crash, Miss Klein ran to a nearby farm to summon help while Kline tried to aid the injured youth, they said.

   Only one lane was open to travel due to the snow, deputies reorted.

   Shell's obituary appears on page 2.

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Highland Cemetery, Gladwin, MI
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Gladwin County Record, Gladwin, MI
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January 2005
Tom Ladner
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