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Norman McLeod

Death by Drowning

   The Saginaw Courier of last week gave the following particulars of the drowning of Norman McLeod in the Woods' pond on the north branch of the Cedar, brief mention of which we made last week: "A sad case of drowning occured on Friday morning at 10 o'clock, on the little lak at the headwaters of the Cedar. Norman McLeod was employed by Thomas Nester in loading logs at night on the log trains at the end of Nester's road, and on Friday morning McLeod with three companions entered an old leaky boat to take a ride on the lake. When they had pulled half way across, the boat began to leak badly, and the three men who were with McLeod, knowing that the latter could not swim determined to risk their own safety in the water in the hopes that with the boat thus lightened, McLeod would be able to reach the shore.
   They sprang into the water and although none of them were very expert swimmers they succeeded in reaching land, but in spite of McLeod's efforts, the boat filled too rapidly and sank, leaving him struggling in the water. It was impossible for aid to reach him, and after a few minutes he sank for the last time. The body was recovered and packed in ice and brought to Saginaw City last evening, where it was taken in charge by Mr. Benjamin, the undertaker. But little is known regarding McLeod' relatives and the following description is given in the hopes that it may lead to their discovery. McLeod was a man about 23 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches high, light complexion, and wore ear rings in his earrs. It is said that he came here from Ottawa, Canada.
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June 1880
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Gladwin County Record, Gladwin, MI
P:3 C:4
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January 2005
Tom Ladner
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