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Marjore McKimmy

   The community was shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Mrs. Laurin McKimmy. Our hearts go out in sympathy to the bereft husband, the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dundas and their family and to all relatives.
She was 21 years, 11 months & 13 days old.


Only memories of you, Margie
Have we left to case the pain.
Only memories as of sunshine
That is banished by the rain.
With the autumn leaves you faded,
And with them have gone to rest
God forgive us in our anguish
For perhaps thou knowest best,
All in vain we try to fathom
How you smiled 'midst, work and play.
Was your gallant soul concealing
What we know so well today?
Winter's winds will sign in mourning
Spring will bring the flowers once more
To embellish summer's grandeur
Then to die at autumn's door.
But perhaps some sunny morning
Full of flowers and little children
We will find a garden fair
And our Margie will be there.
Smiling she will come to greet us.
And I think I hear her say, --
"Did you say that you had missed me?
Why, I hadn't been away."
__In memory of Marjorie Dundas McKimmy
who passed away November 16, 1942. 41-1.

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Gladwin County Record, Gladwin, MI
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January 2005
Tom Ladner
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