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Lucinda McKimmy

Services Held Sunday for Mrs. Lucinda McKimmy

   Funeral services were held Sunday at 2 o'clock at the Church of the Brethren for Mrs. Lucinda McKimmy with Rev. R.E. Nieodeums officiating. relatives from out of town who attended were: Mr. N.L. Berryman of Detroit; E. Pelton, Mrs. E. Gamble, Mrs. L. Badgette of Delta, Ohio; Mrs. Charles Freese of Flint; Mrs. Lola McKimmy and Miss Maxine Yager of Saginaw; Mrs. C. Reynolds, Mrs. Alice Mead, Henry and Archie Norman, and others from Harrison.

   The following poem was read at the services and was written by Mrs. McKimmy's daughter, Elva Feltault.

   Our Mother

   By Elva

   She did not care for wordly things Nor laurels hope to claim. She cared not for the world's applause, For vain and fleeting fame. She'd been denied the World's "high lights" The ease you buy with gold. Tho' 'tis what many deem her good, She's missed "good times", I'm told. The World can have what she has missed, To envy, there are none. She had the kisses of a child, At eve----when day is done---She did not care for wanderings When crowds went here and there. She asked of God one thing in life, Twas tis her daily prayer; "Lord, take my life and earthly goods, "One boon I crave, no other "When you complete my 'Book of Life' "Write: I'm a Worthy Mother."

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