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Bradley Irving

   A sad and fatal accident occurred at the Chapelle dam last Saturday, in which a young man named Bradley Irving lost his life. Deceased was on the platform of the pile driver putting a brace under the hammer, and as the hammer was drawn up the pully below broke loose and struck the platform under his feet, scattering splinters around and knocking him off his feet. In the fall he struck across a brace running from the ladder to one of the leaders, injuring him inwardly. He fell from the brace, striking his head between the cill of the driver and one of the timbers below, fracturing his skull. He breathed a few times after the fall, but never regainded consciousness.
   Coroner Wright was summoned and empanelied a jury, who brought in a verdict that the deceased came to his death accidentally while working on a pile driver, and exonerating all persons from blame. Deceased was a single man about 23 years of age and lived at Freeland, where his remains were taken for burial.
Personal Information
Death Date
Burial/Final Location
November 1879
Freeland, MI
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Gladwin County Record, Gladwin, MI
P:3 C:3
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January 2005
Tom Ladner
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