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Uriah Andrick

Husband and Wife

A Veteran Of The Civil War Tells An Interesting Story.

   EFFINGHAM, Ill., April 22. (Special). Uriah S. Andrick is now 67 years of age. Mr. Andrick served through the whole of the Civil War. He was wounded, three times by ball, and twice by bayonet. When he entered the service of his country in 1861, he was hale and hearty, and weighed 198 pounds. Since the close of the War however, Mr. Andrick has had very bad health. For fifeen years, he never lay down in bed for over an hour at a time. He had acute Kidney Trouble, which grew into Bright's Disease. His heart also, troubled him very much. On Oct. 18th, 1900, he was weighed, and weighed only 102 pounds, being but a shadow of his former self. He commenced using Dodd's Kidney Pills on the 26th of last December and on Feb. 20th was again weighed, and weighed 146 pounds. He says:

   "I have spent hundreds of dollars and received no benefit, until on the 26th of December last, I purchased one box of Dodd's Kidney Pills. I am cured, and I am free from any pain. My heart's action is completely restored. I have not the slightest trace of the Bright's Disease, and I can sleep well all night. I was considered a hopeless case by everybody, but today I am a well man, thanks to Dodd's Kidney Pills.

   "For the last sixteen years my wife has been in misery with bearing down pains, pains in the lower part of the abdomen and other serious ailments. When she saw what Dodd's Kidney Pills were doing for me she commenced to use them. She now feels like another woman, her pains have all disappeared and her general health is better than it has been for years.

   "She is so taken up with Dodd's Kidney Pills and what they have done for us that she has gone to Mr. Cornwal's Drug Store and brought them for some of her friends for fear that if they went themselves they might make a mistake and get something else."

   There is something very convincing in the honest simple story of this old veteran and his wife. Dodd's Kidney Pills are the only Remedy that ever cured Bright's Disease, Diabetes or Dropsy. They never fail.

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Unknown Cemetery
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Gladwin County Record, Gladwin, MI
P:2 C:5
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January 2005
Tom Ladner
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