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Gladwin County Carriage Festival - Equine Dentistry
Equine Dental graphic LaRose Equine Dentistry

Doug LaRose, a certified equine dentist and owner of LaRose Equine Dentistry, will be featured at this year's Gladwin County Carriage Festival August 10, 11, and 12. Doug will conduct demonstrations and explain the need for dental care for horses during clinics as he works with actual clients. Dental treatment for equine clients will be provided, ranging from a general assessment of dental health, to 'floating,' and possible treatment involving more complex conditions. A basic fee of $60.00 per equine includes both the assessment and floating.

LaRose Equine Dentistry specializes in natural equine dentistry without the use of sedation. Doug's understanding of horse behavior and experience in ground handling techniques makes even the most difficult horse accepting of his dental procedures.

This program is open to all horses, whether or not they are actually participating in the festival activities. Negative Coggins test results are required for all horses entering the fairgrounds and Doug's clinic is scheduled to be held at the show arena at the south end of the S & S building.

LaRose Equine Dentistry has served all sizes of equines from minis to drafts throughout the state of Michigan since 1998. Doug decided to become an equine dentist after being unhappy with the dental services he was receiving for his own horses. After graduating from the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenns Ferry, ID in 1998, he only intended to maintain his own personal horses' teeth until friends learned of his training. Word soon spread about Doug's natural dentistry techniques and he now has hundreds of clients throughout the state of Michigan.

Doug has owned horses for 20 years; breeding, raising, and showing. He currently owns five horses: three Quarter horses, two of which are being shown on the AQHA circuit, and two Clydesdales, which are used for trail riding.

For additional information about the equine dentistry contact Doug at (989) 285-5557; via e-mail at; or via his web page at You can also visit their dentistry page on Facebook.
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